Important Information

In an ongoing effort to make the internet more secure, Google, Firefox and many other vendors have recently updated their browsers and search results to warn consumers of sites not using SSL.

Browsers in particular have started to warn users that a site is insecure when it notices a form on a non-SSL website. This can be off-putting for many users who are using your website and may lead them to go elsewhere.

SSL is a technology that encrypts the transmission between the browser and the website and ensures no hacker can see what is being sent/received. You may have noticed previously some websites using SSL as a padlock will appear in the address toolbar to tell the user that the site is secure.

In order to ensure your site meets these requirements, your web design agency will need to do some additional work to your website to enable SSL. The work will include installing the SSL certificate into your hosting account on your server and configuring your website to redirect traffic to the SSL version.

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